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    General Information

    • NEW in the Original Packaging
    • Stocked & Shipped From - LEXINGTON, KY

    What is This Part?

    • This is the Suzuki OEM Brake Joint.
    • This Brake Joint splits the brake fluid coming from the master cylinder to the front and rear brakes.
    • This is a 5 Way Brake Joint as opposed to the 6 Way Brake Joint that comes standard with the North American version of Samurai.
    • The 6 Way Brake Joint incorporates 2 lines for the rear brakes by way of the Rear Proportioning Valve and two lines to each of the front brakes.
    • The 5 Way Brake Joint incorporates 1 line for the rear brakes and does away with the Rear Proportioning Valve and two lines to each of the front brakes.
    • Direct Replacement

    What Will I Receive?

    • Qty 1 - 5 Way Brake Joint

    What Vehicle Will This Fit

    • Suzuki SJ413           Check Model