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General Information

  • NEW in the Original Packaging
  • Stocked & Shipped From - LEXINGTON, KY

What is This Part?

  • This is the Suzuki OEM Exhaust Pipe Rubber Mounts.

  • This is a complete set that includes the 2 mounts for the Catalytic Converter and the 2 mounts for the Muffler.

  • Fits: Suzuki Samurai 85' - 95'

  • Direct Replacement

What Will I Receive?

  • Qty 2 - Mounts for Muffler
  • Qty 2 - Mounts for Catalytic Converter

What Vehicle Will This Fit?

  • Suzuki Samurai
  • Mechanical: 1986 - 1995(Any parts for Fuel System: Years 1991 - 1995)
  • Cosmetic: 1986 - 1995(Any parts for Dash: Years 1986 - 1988) Models
  • Mechanical: All Models (*Unless noted otherwise)
  • Cosmetic: 2 Door Soft Top Models (*Unless noted otherwise)
  • Engine:4 Cylinder/1.3 Liter/8 Valve Drivetrain:5 Speed Manual Transmission/4 Wheel Drive
  • Note: There are some variations of several parts within the years and models listed above. Due to this, there is no way to guarantee that the part listed in this ad will be a specific match for the part you are replacing. It is the buyers responsibility to carefully read the item description, thoroughly examine all attached photographs and ask the seller for any additional information that may be needed in order for the buyer to determine that the listed item matches their specific needs. For purposes of “Returns" the part listed in this ad will be considered to have been listed for “Fitment” correctly if it can be installed in a vehicle that fits any combination of the three groups (Years, Models, Mechanical) listed above. For returned items that meet the aforementioned criteria the Buyer will be charged a 20% restocking fee and bear the cost of the return postage regardless whether the this item is a match to the Buyers item and/or does not meet the Fitment expectations of the Buyer. Also, please take the time to read the additional Policies listed below.