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General Information

  • NEW in the Original Packaging
  • Stocked & Shipped From - LEXINGTON, KY

What is This Part?

  • This is the Suzuki OEM Rubber Cover that goes over the Head Light Plug.
  • If you do a Lot of Mudding or Deep Water Driving then You Need These!
  • When Correctly Installed these Protect the Wire Connections from Water & Mud
  • Reduces Wire Flex at Plugs to Prevent Premature Fail or Short.
  • Direct Replacement

What Will I Receive?

  • Qty 2 - Rubber Covers For Headlights

What Vehicle Will This Fit?

  • Suzuki Samurai       1985 - 1995        All Models
  • Suzuki SJ413           1985 - 1995       All Models