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General Information

  • New in the Original Packaging - (Unless Bulk Packed)
  • Stocked & Shipped From - LEXINGTON, KY

What is This Part?

  • This is the Carpet/Felt for the driver & passenger areas.
  • Note: This does not includes the bed area.
  • Color: Black
  • Reduces Interior Road Noise.

Note: "Not a Direct Replacement" / "Requires Adjustments"

    • This is a great deal for a Samurai owner who is wanting a functional flooring solution and doesn’t want to pay for an exact showroom fit.

Note: (read before buying):

    • For LHD Models - Requires adjustments for as seen in pictures because this carpet set is originally made for Suzuki’s RHD European model.
    • The installed carpet set shown in the pictures was installed in our test Samurai in 45 minutes and it included removing all the seats, making adjustment cuts and reinstalling seats.
    • The set you will receive is exactly the same as what we installed so what you see in the pictures is how yours will look when installed. (provided you make the similar adjustment cuts when fitting)

What Will I Receive?

  • Qty 1 - Front Section (Covers Driver/Passenger and Center Console Floor Area)
  • Qty 1 - Rear LH Section (Covers Rear Seat Floor Area on LH Side)
  • Qty 1 - Rear Center Section (Covers Center Console Floor Area)
  • Qty 1 - Rear RH Section (Covers Rear Seat Floor Area on RH Side)

What Vehicle Will This Fit?

  • Suzuki Samurai      1985 - 1995      Right Hand Drive Models  - Direct Fit
  • Suzuki SJ413           1985 - 1995      LeftHand Drive Models  - Requires Adjustments
  • Suzuki SJ410           1980 - 1984     LeftHand Drive Models  - Requires Adjustments